The water tracker counts – you aren't distracted from your cases

The smart bottle has a worthy alternative. The merit of our tracker is the counting of drunk water. It is installed on a common bottle. Then they access to the data from the smartphone. You have an opportunity to test the drunk water tracker for free soon. Seats are limited.

Infallible count

You are busy – the drunk water tracker determines the amount. Automatically, without guess: "How much?"

The autonomy is surprising

The counting without frequent chargе. The autonomy of the tracker saves from a constant searches for a power cable.

Freedom of connection

Synchronization with other applications. The tracker processes data, then transmits it to the selected services.

Universality of platforms

You will access to the data processing application from Android and iOS. A single version has been developed for two popular platforms. Use the universal application without restrictions from any gadget.

Pending updates.

We don't stop. We are working to improve the tracker of drunk water. You will understand soon — we have something to surprise.

We are improving the tracker of drunk water without stopping

Work doesn't know what is pause. We have drawn up a clear plan so that not a single detail is overlooked. We have developed the competent roadmap for the output of tracker for control the drunk water. We are going towards the goal, not a single step aside. We are looking to get 100% effective result.